Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bigger and Better

My family just keeps getting BIGGER and BETTER !

Over the past couple years I went from having 2 daughters and a son with 3 grandchildren all living in Iowa and Nebraska. To suddenly acquiring a future son in law (Todd) and an almost 13 year old grandson (TJ). They will marry into my daughter Carrin's family next June but already feel just like family.

Megan and Noah and Morgan are my daughters children.

Then a couple weeks ago my son surprised us all and announced he was getting married and becoming a father to his new wife, Krissy's, 4 year old son, Jackson. I got to meet them both this past weekend when we went to Nebraska for a visit. I really like Krissy. Besides being very pretty, she seems like a very nice woman (can't call her a girl) and they seem very happy together. Jackson is adorable and I can't wait to spend more time with him. Unfortunately I live almost 500 miles away from all of my IA and NE grandchildren so don't get to spoil them too much.

I loved being a mother and now I love being a grandmother! I have grandchildren surrounding me here in WI and grandchildren that I have to love by long distance in IA and NE. It doesn't matter where you are, all that matters is how you love them.

I can only hope my family continues to grow and get bigger and better year after year. I just wish they were all closer so I could see them more often. For now, I'll just have to be content w with pictures, facebook, blogs and telephones.

Of course I have already passed on the curse to my son now that he has a child. I have told him I hope that Jackson is just as naughty as he was and gives him just as much if not more grief as he gave me when he was a child

Tara adopted a beer drinking, smoking dog named Buddy a little over a year ago and he is her baby and my Grand dog. He goes where she does, tries to do what she does and thinks he is human. He is truly one of the family!

A partial group shot showing just some of the family. Would need one of those panaramic camera shots to fit them all into the picture and then probably couldn't get them all on this blog page.
SO there you have my Iowa and Nebraska family.

Big, Bigger,Biggest.

I love them all!


April said...

What a great family.

Carrin said...

And it keeps getting bigger!