Monday, June 8, 2009

Udderly Delicious

I am proud to say I hail from the great Dairy State (no I don't live in California you morons).

I live in Wisconsin and we have Happy Cows too. They're cold but happy.

June is Dairy month and we celebrate in a big way. We have a big parade and a weekend celebration of music, craft fairs, talent shows, dancing, and beer drinking. Something for everyone right?

We also have Dairy Breakfasts every weekend starting the first of June and running through out the entire month. If you miss one, don't worry just go a couple miles down the road and some one else is sponsoring one. FFA, The Mayor, Fire Department, Boy Scouts, a farmer. You name it, chances are they are having a breakfast.

The sad part is these breakfasts are so good you want to go to all of them too. They serve great buttermilk pancakes as big as your plate with real butter from those happy cows. Real maple syrup processed from our own trees, sausage patties, applesauce, string cheese, milk (both white and chocolate).

Cheese curds (which if you have never had deep fried fresh cheese curds you do not know what true bliss is). A fresh cheese curd actually squeaks when you bite into it. When it is deep fried and you bite into it and you start to pull it out of your mouth and that thin little string of cheese follows, you just go mmmmmm......
They keep coming around with extras to fill up your plates so you don't go hungry. Then once you've filled up on all that, they bring you ice cream!!! Who doesn't like this dairy product? What a great breakfast!
And if all this isn't enough, they have door prizes they give away all the while you are eating your breakfast so you are a winner all the way around.
So my cows were happy to do all this so I could have a great breakfast and in return, I am Happy to recognize what a great contribution they make to our state. California, you can't have our cows- find your own!!!


Tara said...

Mmmm, I miss true Wisconsin cheese curds!! You know the ones you can only get a the fair!! Wish I were there!!

April said...

HeHe. California just wants to be like yall!

Carrin said...

MMMM....Cheese Curds!!!! I remember going to Spencerama and filling up on so many deep fried cheese curds I'd make myself sick! Ah, the good old days!